Fishing Sinkers

Fishing Sinkers

With every passing day and with every new generation, we are becoming more and more environment conscious and are trying to behave as eco-friendly as possible. We have adapted to solar generated energy; started recycling and reusing; we use more soft copies as compared to papers; have started reading e-paper and e-zines, and so many other habits that required evolution just to save our mother Earth. One such initiative is taken by Swivits as well by creating lead-free, eco-friendly and biodegradable fishing sinkers. This is done to avoid polluting our water bodies, which already have millions of lead fishing sinkerskilling the marine life.


These lead-free fishing sinkers will easily indicate a fish bit. They are numbered according to weight and get heavier when wet. To make these fishing sinkers more eco-friendly and to tackle storage issues, they are packaged in reusable tubes. They work well with any kind of fishing- whether it is 3 waying, fish finder rigs or dropper loops. At Swivits, the mission is to reduce or end the tons of lead added to our oceans and lakes every year.Why not help in achieving this goal and make our oceans lead-free, tangle-free and pollution-free. This way the fish will not bite any lead, thus giving us a great tasting, healthy seafood. These cement-based fishing sinkers are less expensive than lead fishing sinkers and can be used anywhere in the world. Gradually, governments all over the world would ban the use of lead fishing sinkers; some states have already banned the use of lead weights. Use lead-free fishing sinkers and save our birds, fishes and other species of the animal kingdom.

Each Swivits fishing sinker comes with a built-in swivel or snap-swivel, which greatly decreases tangles and snags while fishing. You have to try it to understand; you will feel the “bite of the fish”!! It is great for bottom fishing, drifting, try or casting model and surf fishing.All the manufacturing is patented and done in the US and can be delivered in almost any part of the world.You can log on to, see the varied choices of fishing sinkers and buckets and compare prices.

Return of most of the new or unopened items within 30 days of delivery will be accepted for a full refund. The return shipping costs will also be paid if the return is a result of error from the company’s end- you received an incorrect or defective item, etc.


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