Fishing Sinkers

For a long time the conventional in fishing sinkers and weights was to use lead to obtain our fishing lures and bait lower to in which the fishes are. Now, we’re more aware than ever before of the harmful effects of lead on our ecosystems. Lead weights are highly toxic and contaminate our rivers, streams and ponds. They are not only harmful to the fishes that people catch for sport and food, but lead fishing weights kill wild birds along with other marine species, for example bugs the seafood rely on like a meal source, too.

This relatively recent awareness has triggered many states to start banning using lead fishing weights altogether. Consequently of those restrictions, or possibly due to an ongoing rise in conservation awareness, a lot of companies have started marketing lead options and lead free weights and fishing weights. Many occasions they brand these fishing weights as eco weights or eco fishing weights to allow the customer know that they’re better for the atmosphere and won’t harm seafood, wild birds, along with other marine species.

Many eco weights available on the market are produced from alternative materials like container, bismuth, iron, tungsten, brass and much more. Mostly these materials, like tungsten for instance, are denser, harder and heavier than lead so it’s really beneficial towards the angler for doing things instead of lead. Many other materials like brass beads work nicely to exchange jig heads with.

An excellent alternative may be the eco weights that Swivits manufactures. They’re produced from the harmless biodegradable compound therefore if the load sheds under water it is going to decompose and then leave no dangerous or toxic consequences.

Lead alternative or lead free weights work equally well as lead weights but provide the angler satisfaction in knowing that they’re not adding towards the pollution and intoxication in our fishing rivers. With the way in which a number of our fisheries, ponds, rivers and stream are decreasing it is crucial that every single one of us does our part to ensure that they’re clean. The supply of lead free weights from Swivits provides for us the opportunity to do our part in taking greater responsibility for that atmosphere, ecology, and nature.

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